Day 3

Workout : Arms + Ab Ripper, Calories burnt : 380, start time : 6:30am

So something I have noticed is that some workouts use a chair for certain exercises and generally exercises using chairs are my nemesis. This one has Tricep Dips, Plyo has Swing Kicks and Chest and Back has Decline Pushups. The latter hurts my back so I don’t even attempt it.

Anyway, nemesis vanquished as I did the workout, rather than skiving! One thing I do notice on this workout is that I never burn as many calories as the others, I think because I am using smaller muscles.

Confession time, I fucking hate Ab Ripper. So much so that each time I do it, I think about having liposculpture like Darryn Lyons but eyes on the prize and all that, one day you will be able to bounce a pound coin on my stomach!

I modify Pulse Ups and Heels to Heaven as they make my lower back sore, so I just do a normal crunch. Still, it is done for today.


Recovery Drink

I have taken this directly from the P90X Vegan Newsletter, apple juice and protein powder. Holland and Barrett Delicious Natural flavour! I take this directly after a workout. Always after a weights workout and sometimes Plyo if I have a good calorie burn.



Another smoothie. I swear I do eat other things for breakfast but this week has been hectic and a smoothie is quick. This one is made with:

  • 1 Cup of strawberries
  • 1 Cup frozen blueberries
  • 1 Cup hazelnut milk
  • 0.5 Cup water
  • Full scoop of Chocolate protein powder
  • Sometimes I can deal with bananas in a smoothie and sometimes they make me bring my hoop up. This was one of those days so no banana.

    On occasion, I have found that a smoothie can quickly turn on you and bite you in the arse. Sadly this was one of those times. By time I got to work, it had changed from a delicious high protein breakfast into a colloidal nightmare and had set into the least appetising texture possible. I assume it is to do with the temperature and pectin content of the fruit. All I know is that my breakfast was minging!

    I did drink it, because I had no options but it was not pleasant. Like Ab Ripper for the mouth!


    Same salad as before. New meals coming soon. Please check back often.


    An apple again and


  • 1 oz almonds
  • 2 oz pumpkin seeds
  • I sometimes toast the pumpkin seeds first in a dry pan but this is a lazy, lazy week.


    Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Sunflower Mac with extra asparagus as I love a green vegetable with mac and cheese.


    With extra Franks Hot Sauce. As an aside, I have to tell you how amazingly delicious this is. Go make it now. Watermelon for dessert but I am sure you can cope without pics of that.

    A pretty good day all told. Back tomorrow.

    Food stats(from Sparkpeople) Cals: 1864, Carbs: 227 grams, Fat: 70 grams, Protein: 124 grams

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